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4G Networks: Smooth Sailing or Rough Waters Ahead?

August 4, 2011

4g sailboat

 Everyone continues to be excited about the advances in mobile computing technology, and 4G is no exception.  Who wouldn’t want blazing wireless speeds that rival old-fashioned wired connections? (more…)

The Technology Gods Have Spoken: No 4G (Yet)

December 4, 2010

The Technology Gods Have Spoken: No 4G (Yet).

You’ve undoubtedly been consumed with ‘visions of 4G dancing in your head’ during this winter season.  A flurry (no pun intended) of announcements from companies such as Verzion Wireless and NTT DOCOMO around the launch of their 4G networks and devices has surely given folks ideas around expensive stocking suffers (though not so much in Japan).  A continuous stream of communications have come to be expected regarding the ever-expanding LTE coverage by MetroPCS and the addition of WiMAX cities from Clearwire/Sprint Nextelt..  Even T-Mobile USA is touting its HSPA+ network as ‘American’s Largest 4G Network’ while fellow mobile operators AT&T and Sprint criticize its claims.

Truth be told, none of them have a leg to stand on.  The Technology Gods have spoken. (more…)