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Mobile Phone Statistics Resources

March 4, 2010

I often get asked for mobile phone metrics around most popular OS or device.  There are a number of data sources for this, but have you noticed that each may report information using slightly different metrics?  Are their statistics based on sales, shipments, surveys, or web page hits?  Are they tracking mobile phones or smartphones?  Are they tracking smartphones by OS or OEM?  Is the data regional or worldwide?  Is their timeline by month, quarter or year?

Since this is confusing to me, I decided to compile a list of companies who publish a free (my favorite word) summaries of mobile phone statistics and provide an overview on what they track.  It is by no means comprehensive, so I am sure there are other great resources out there.

I put the list in alphabetical order.  They are usually posted in the press release section of the website while the detailed reports are typically for purchase or require a subscription.  At the end of this post is a table which summarizes the results.

ABI Research provides in-depth analysis and quantitative forcasting of emerging trends in global connectivity. (more…)