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Have You Documented Your Organization’s Mobile Computing Strategy?

April 4, 2010


The constant changes in the mobile computing ecosystem can lead to confusion for many organizations.  One of the best analogies I’ve heard is that it is like a teenager: things can be going along really well, but you know new challenges will arise – you just don’t know when.

One way that organizations can help find their path is to document your mobile computing strategy.  I say document because every organization has a strategy whether it’s written down or not.  You may say that you don’t need a strategy because we just buy from company X.  Well, that is your strategy.  You may also say that we are all over the map – then you’re strategy is each of the organization’s divisions selects their own solutions.  In any case, writing it down can help clarify a vision as to where you want to be in this space.  It can also lead to the realization that not everyone shares the same vision and help spark those discussions. (more…)