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Mobile Device Emulators and Simulators

October 4, 2011
 Android Emulator

When developing code for mobile devices, it’s always good to test it out on the targeted device(s).  However, it’s not always convenient or cost-effective to have access to the real thing.  That’s where mobile device emulators and simulators come into play.


Hybrid Applications: A Marriage of Mobile Application Architectures

July 4, 2011

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Most people think of two types of mobile applications: the mobile web and native applications.  The mobile web is obviously web sites that are optimized for mobile devices, like feature phones, smartphones, and now media tablets.  Their strength is that many developers are fluent in web-based development languages and tools.  Their weakness is you don’t have access to most hardware features (camera, accelerometer, sensors, etc.).  Native applications are developed for a specific OS platform using the associated software development kit (SDK).  Their strength is that you can leverage those hardware features previously mentioned.  Their downside is that you have to write different code for each mobile OS (like Objective-C for iOS devices and Java for Android).

Another application type which is growing in popularity is known as a hybrid mobile application.  The idea is that you can leverage common web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) but get the experience of a native application.   (more…)

Enterprise App Stores for Mobile: Prepare for the Grand Opening

May 4, 2011

With more smartphone users in the enterprise and email access a fairly standard application, many users are interested in using mobile versions of corporate applications.  Now that corporations are starting to develop more mobile applications, how do they distribute them to their users?   (more…)

The Battle of the Mobile Architectures: Will Thin or Thick Client Win?

September 4, 2010

It’s 2007. The year of the World Wide Web. I should say the decade of the World Wide Web. The browser is the epitome of ubiquity. Everything is either built using web technologies or is retrofitted with a web front end. Google Docs enabled us to edit documents using just our browser. Throw out your old fashioned, bloated client-server technology. The web has won. It’s over, Johnny. IT’S OVER.

Not quite.